Kludi Pure Function


A unique concept that unites three styles of fittings

Kludi Pure Function


KLUDI Pure Function represents the powerful and elegant design, which fulfills the highest quality requirements and still remains affordable. The three new product lines KLUDI Pure&Easy, KLUDI Pure&Solid and KLUDI Pure&Style match the idea of Pure Function and each offer their specific style of design.

No matter which style of living is called for Pure Function offers the right fittings without fail. That is all you need.

KLUDI Pure Function. All you need.



With ease in the day.

Kludi Pure & Easy


KLUDI Pure & Easy stands for reduced design, which can be perfectly integrated into modern bathroom styles. This versatility makes the faucet line so popular.

An expressive feature of KLUDI Pure & Easy: The dynamic tilt of the fitting gives the design a fresh and light character.

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Expressive - from the beginning

Kludi Pure & Solid

The classic and timeless design of KLUDI Pure & Solid has an expressive character. Ergonomically thought-out, the fitting convinces as a solid workpiece of the highest manufacturing quality.

The faucet line harmonizes elegantly with most furnishing styles - whether modern or conventional.

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Elegant design for modern families

Kludi Pure & Style

KLUDI Pure & Style combines the highest design standards with outstanding functional properties. The elegant mixer line blends in well with modern interior design styles and is the best proof that style awareness is not a matter of budget.

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It's a beautiful range, isn't it?

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