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Wilhelm Import Network (Pty) Ltd. (WiiN) specialises in providing complete quality bathroom solutions - both residential and commercial. Our extensive range of European imported products from well-known international industry leaders ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our product offering includes, kitchen and bathroom fittings, fixtures and furnishings; sanitary ware ceramics; as well as high quality fittings for the building technology; to name just a few. Backed by South African partners and with the security of local stock holding and superior product guarantees WIIN is bringing the best of the European bathroom compliment to the South African market.
We are exclusive importers in South Africa of 11 high-end brands imported from Europe
All products have a 5 year service warranty, comply with international certificates and standards, and are all backed by WiiN, a subsidiary of the Dawn Group
Local stock holding and superior product guarantees ensure peace of mind for the end user
Superior touch-screen technology ensures an enhanced customer shopping experience
Our offering sets new benchmarks in quality, exclusivity and exceptional service

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